DEADLY PREMONITION Sequel & Prequel Talk

Creator Hidetaka Suehiro confirms a prequel & sequel are in the works along with a special edition of the game with updated graphics.

2010 housed one of the biggest sleeper hits to grace consoles in a long time with Deadly Premonition, one of the first video games that is actually "so bad it's good". Well today the creator Hidetaka Suehiro said he has plans for not only a sequel but also a prequel and a Special Edition of the game with updated graphics. In addition, he mentions working on a new game that is "already started to receive attention from Western publishers due to the cult successes of Deadly Premonition." None of these current projects are official and could still not move forward, but Deadly Premonition has become such a cult classic in the video game industry I don't see why a publisher wouldn't take a chance. I loved this game, it was one of the funniest and craziest games I have ever played, voice actors at points in the game are actually trying to talk over the music because of how loud it is. For $20 US dollars the game is totally worth it, if you go in with an open mind (the game is a comedy and not a drama), and you can ignore the terrible driving and shooting mechanics. I would like to hear from some other people who have played this game and I want to hear your opinion of Deadly Premonition did you love it like I did or were the horrible game mechanics too much? Are you excited for a sequel and the possibility of getting to know Zack better?
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