Death Stranding: 21 WTF Moments You Need To See To Believe

Peak Kojima.

Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding is sure to keep players busy for a good while, but if you've been especially committed, you might've been able to roll credits on its story already.

And what a wild ride it was.

For those disappointed by Kojima's story-light Metal Gear Solid V, Death Stranding was the perfect antidote: a rich, ludicrously dense, fiercely unique sci-fi spectacular unfolding within a gorgeous open world packed with all of Kojima's usual eccentricities.

To call Death Stranding "bats**t crazy" is a sure understatement, because even for the nutty standards of Kojima's Metal Gear Solid franchise, this is one of the boldest and most wilfully expectation-defying games ever made.

From its unsettling, surreal fantastical tone to its brilliantly bizarre flashes of comic relief, its absolutely mental boss fights and its inevitable bevy of plot twists, Death Stranding is unquestionably the most WTF game of the year - and of most years, honestly.

And so, combing through the game's cinematic head-scratcher of a story, these are the moments sure to stick with fans the most - whether good, bad, or simply weird...


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