Death Stranding EXPLAINED: All Ending Questions Answered

Confused by those final cutscenes? Don't worry, it all makes sense. Kinda.


Believe it or not but in between the Royal Mail simulation gameplay and taking tumbles off cliff edges after accidentally unequipping the power skeleton, Death Stranding actually has a pretty massive, robust story.

Its tale of BTs, Strands and 'making America whole again' is initially unknowable and defined by mystery, but director and writer Hideo Kojima somehow manages to bring all of those grand plot strands together (put absolutely intended) for a satisfying finale full of twists, turns, and one of the most emotional fake outs this side of Glenn diving under the dumpster in The Walking Dead.

Considering the final act is over five hours long though, and the ending itself a two-hour cutscene, Death Stranding's plot reveals can feel like an overwhelming assault. However, all the information is there, and it just needs the pieces putting together.


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