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Bursting onto our screens back in 2005, Destroy All Humans immediately became a runaway success. Spawning a slew of sequels that were received well by a now-dedicated fanbase, the adventures of one Cryptosporidium-137 - known as "Crypto" - were an excuse to experiment on humanity in as many ways possible.

Flinging cows across fields using your spaceship, mind-controlling the local populace to infiltrate fares or government facilities, if you could think of it, Destroy All Humans brought it to life.

Thankfully, this was bolstered by a hilarious campaign, and as the official website notes:

"Cryptosporidium-137 arrives on Earth in search for his predecessor clone, Cryptosporidium-136. Crypto-136 disappeared after Orthopox-13 sent him to Earth to prepare the large scale extraction of human DNA. To accomplish his mission, he must battle US forces, infiltrate and sabotage secret government facilities and defeat Majestic, a shadowy government organization led by a black-clad figure named Silhouette."

Now in 2020, following various iconic titles getting luxurious remakes, Destroy All Humans is back and better than ever. The game’s developers have approached this remake from the ground up, overhauling the presentation to give everything a modern sensibility. Everything from character models to environmental effects and especially the feel of combat matches modern standards, and the "physics sandbox" feel of the original is front and centre.

As our review noted, "there is a huge amount to do in this game, from a lengthy campaign that takes Crypto on the hunt for his previous clone's body, all the way to expansive open areas [filled with] races, kill-centric challenges and abduction missions."


In terms of your arsenal there's everything from the Disintegrator Ray (a orb-firing device that reduces humans to ash), the Dislocator (a weapon that attaches to targets and flings them in random directions), an Anal Probe (because of course), and plenty more.


Mind-control NPCs to force them into dancing, or throw down some Ion bombs to take out scores of foes at once. There's a real sense of unleashing your inner alien psychopath with this game, and publisher THQ Nordic are happy to oblige whatever you can think up.

As our review closes out, "Destroy All Humans! 2020 manages to do everything you could hope for. It's fun, frantic, and boasts a bevy of content that's sure to satisfy those looking for some nostalgia, alongside those that have been off-planet for the initial run."

A game that embraces every last part of 1950s alien ephemera with you behind the trigger of a laser gun?

That's Destroy All Humans. Available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. More details available here.

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