Deus Ex And Zheros Now Free On Xbox Live

As well as other discounts of up to 75%.

All hail Xbox Live's Games With Gold! And its little brother Deals With Gold... Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Xbox 360 and Zheros on Xbox One are now free on Xbox Live until the 31st of January. You know how it works right? Free games on Xbox One and Xbox 360 every month as long as you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, as well as big discounts on other titles. The latest Deals With Gold on Xbox One include the likes of Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition and Hasbro Family Fun Pack with 50% off at $20 and on Xbox 360 there's Farming Simulator with 75% off at $7.49 and Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga with 50% off at $20. Xbox doubled up in January giving away four games instead of two, with Gold members previously being able to grab Dirt Showdown on the 360 and having Killer Instinct: Season One Ultra Edition on Xbox One still available until the 31st of January. You can tell that Xbox often use some buffer in their deals with some games being smaller arcade titles such as Zheros or lesser known full games, but they also include the likes of Deus Ex, which is an awesome game that was very well received. For a full list of the latest discounts see here.

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