Deus Ex Coming To PSN

PS2 port of the original Deus Ex will be making its way onto the PS3 through a re-release on the PSN.

It looks as though the PS2 port of the original Deus Ex will be making its way onto the PS3 through a re-release on the PSN. Suspicions were first raised when PEGI, the European ratings body classified the game as a 16 under a PS3 listing. This will most likely be a port of the PS2 version Deus Ex: The Conspiracy which released 2 years after the original PC version, with some updated visuals. Square Enix were slow to confirm anything, telling Eurogamer who reached out for a comment that they "did not comment on rumour and speculation." So the usual line used by publishers to dodge any probing questions. However Square Enix laterchanged their stance, perhaps knowing the cat was out of the bag and confirmed that Deus Ex would be getting a re-release on the PSN and will launch on the 16th May for £7.99. This could be a great opportunity for anyone who played the newest game, Human Revolution but missed out on the original back in the day. That wasn't all of the news that Square felt like dropping on us either. Conflict: Desert Storm 2 and Conflict: Vietnam will also be getting relesed on the same platform, on the 23rd and 30th May repectively. Desert Storm 2 will drop for £7.99 while Vietnam will go for a cheaper £5.49. Having played the Conflict games back on the PS2 I can say that Desert Storm 2 might be worth picking up, but Vietnam was a bit of a stinker. But the original Deus Ex. Exciting news, right?
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