Deus Ex FAILED For This Reason

Deus Ex has been on interesting ride over the last two decades. Let's see where it went wrong.

deus ex

Futuristic RPGs have firmly held their place in the gaming industry. While many are excited for the release of Cyberpunk 2077 in December 2020, there's another similar franchise that has made waves over the years. Deus Ex, first produced by Ion Storm and currently by Eidos Montreal is currently on ice, following the underwhelming performance of Mankind Divided.

The passionate team at Eidos have since found themselves assisting on less engaging products, most notably the recently released Avengers game. The level of choice Deus Ex has offered to players, alongside deep, conspiracy-ridden narratives made it a worthy endeavour that shouldn't have been put on the back burner so abruptly.

For the most part, it did maintain a healthy critical reception while also maintaining its identity in the role-playing scene. With multiple awards from industry figures, it's been on a journey similar to Blade Runner; obtaining praise while falling short in commercial performances. Why was the franchise shelved and what issues has it faced over the last two decades?

Adam Jensen certainly never asked for this; it's time to find out.

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