DIABLO Auction House Will Allow You To Buy & Sell With Real Cash!

Diablo are set to launch an online auction house that allow players to buy and sell their items with real currency.

Diablo has announced the release of its online auction house to coincide with Diablo III. The auction house allows players who acquire or want rare items to purchase or sell them to other players. Expect something along the lines of a nerdy Blizzard fueled Ebay.

"Two different versions of the auction house will be available in Diablo III: one based on in-game gold, which players acquire through their adventures, and one based on real-world currency."
Admittedly there may be some debate about whether purchasing an item would be worth it when you can obtain it in game, but it may allow players to earn a little extra spending money as they play, that's after the listing fees and the small cut that will be taken by Blizzard. This may seem new and could be a real breakthrough for games in the future if it succeeds, but the reason behind the auction house is due to the amount of complaints and customer-service issues dealt with in Diablo II in which players advertised their items via battle.net or via a third party.
"We plan on inviting players in waves, so if you do not receive an invitation in the beginning of the testing period, there€™s a chance you might receive one in a later wave"
The game and auction house are currently entering their beta testing period, and should hopefully iron out any possible wrinkles before the games release. If you would like to apply you can do so via Battle.net. Dates of the games debut are yet to be released, however Bliazzard have stated that they are looking for a console release but haven't yet gone into talk with console manufacturers about the logistics of launching the auction house to a console market.
"There's no technical reason why we couldn't do it." - Executive Producer Rob Pardo


Dom McKenzie, feature and news writer at What Culture!