DmC: 5 Reasons Dante’s Rebirth Is A Blessing

It's been more than a decade of Dante's demon slaying antics, and we're about to see him in an entirely new light...his youth. Here's five reasons why DmC should be on your radar, and revamping the series won't be a sin for Ninja Theory.

5. New Visual Style Makes Hell Easy On The Eyes

Ninja Theory is aiming to re-launch the Devil May Cry franchise in a bold new direction and with it is coming a drastic improvement upon the graphical display. The newly improved graphical overhaul, alongside the team's artistic design, is set to deliver a gorgeous experience for the demon slaying fan in all of us. This graphical capability not only makes the game a visual feast, but it allows the developers to get creative with the level design in combination with a new style of presentation. Approaching the game with the modern world in mind should prove for a wide range of interesting locations to fight your way through. With the game due out in January, Ninja Theory is polishing up the title as much as they can in order to ensure a well-refined experience for the fans who decide to pick up DmC at launch. With this level of polish coming into the title we can only hope that the graphically pleasing aspect of the title finds a way to mesh perfectly with the rest of the package.

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