Dota 2: 10 Most Fun Heroes You Must Play As

All the heroes that will serve you the best in Valve's behemoth.

Dota 2 has swept the gaming world by storm and shows no sign of letting up after developer Valve's annual tournament The International 4 - something that managed to become the biggest gaming tournament in history, with a prize pool of well over $10 million. A deceptively simple game at surface level, you and four other players team up to systematically destroy the opposing team's base using heroes with specific skill sets. With an unchanging (until recently) map, gamers looking to start may be asking "How do you not get bored playing the same map?" The answer is in the heroes. The great thing about Dota 2 is that while the objective remains the same, the ways in reaching it are as varied as the hero choices themselves. With 108 unique characters to choose from, players can easily find new ways to play every game; will you give the enemy team headaches with your numerous disables and escapes? Or perhaps you like to dominate the field using high risk/high reward spells that can change a fight in less than a second? With so many heroes to choose from it can be baffling, there are almost too many great options, but we have you covered!
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