Dota 2: 10 Mistakes Every Noob Makes

A guide on the most common mistakes that every new Dota 2 player makes.

The term noob is a tricky one that has become more of a derogatory term. It is thrown around as a means to bring down a weak team member and remind them that they are inferior. To what, no one is entirely sure. The vitriolic responses towards noobs often leads new players to keep quiet about their game time. Dota 2's community can be pretty harsh for anyone who is just starting out. In addition to having to learn the ins and outs of heroes, new players will have to deal with the low skilled (they don't know that) angry barbarians shouting at you for not supporting with Outworld Devourer. During your time in the trenches of Dota 2, you will start to notice common mistakes that can happen for long streaks. Most of these mistakes are very easy to avoid and will improve your game tenfold. If you ever catch yourself wondering why your team is down 36-9, watch replays and there's a good chance that one of the following mistakes occurred for the majority of the game. Learn from these mistakes, and you can grind yourself out of the pit and start playing the Dota everyone gets excited about.
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