Dragon Age 3: 5 Things From Dragon Age 2 That Should Be Included

dragon age 3 I think its safe to say that when it comes to the Dragon Age games, Dragon Age 2 was a big disappointment compared to the original RPG masterpiece that was Dragon Age: Origins. Gone was the country-spanning scope of the first with its varied dungeons, customisable companion armour and real sense of danger that would see your entire party ripped apart by a Darkspawn ambush at any moment. Dragon Age 2 felt very much like a rush-job as the pressure was on to continue this great new IP that its predecessor had started and with the news that Dragon Age 3: Inquisition could be just under a year away, many are demanding about what needs to be fixed. Many things should be fixed. But... believe it or not, I think there are a few things that Dragon Age 2 did well and should find their way into the third entry. Such as...

5. Varric

varric Quickly now, think of your archetypal fantasy dwarf. Chances are you either thought of Oghren, Gimli or one of the seven that helped out Snow White. And what do they all have in common? Beards, axes (or picts) and a very direct approach to obstacles. Varric is different. He's a smooth-talking, clean-shaven, narrative spinning dwarf with a crossbow named Bianca and the whole game is better off because of it. Now Oghren from Origins was bad-ass in his own right, but lets be fair, he was cast from the same mould as every other Gimli clone and there to fill an expectation. No one was expecting Varric or that the story of Dragon Age 2 would be from his point of view. He was interesting, funny and a breath of fresh air in a stagnant genre. Even a cameo in the third game would be much appreciated, or better yet, him and Oghren for some double-dwarf goodness.

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