Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Confirmed

BioWare confirms the development and title of the third Dragon Age game.

I'm gonna be totally honest with you for the first time in a long time. The total amount of what is known about Dragon Age 3 amounts to somewhere between, "not a damn thing" and ,"not a whole hell of a lot." In fact, what we know comes almost completely from Mark Darrah's open letter, and the few bits of leaked information that have been collected over the past few months. Now, if you are the kind of person that keeps up on such things, the official announcement of Dragon Age 3 probably doesn't come as a surprise. There have been talks concerning its development as far back as a year ago, and it's been under development for at least two full years now. However, yesterday marks the official announcement of the game, and (for the first time) a collection of factual statements about the game, rather than questions about what people want, and vague hints. So, what will be in the game? Well, DA3 promises to be something of a curve ball from BioWare. The team at BioWare has always had a bit of a formula: players go to "hub zones" and from there embark on a preset order of events. The formula made for a somewhat linear experience, but also created a narrative flow. That might not necessarily be the case for DA3. Rather than going where you're told to go, Flynn has suggested that the much more "expansive" and open world will be available to players. This world, by the way, is being built in the now famous Frostbite 2 engine that EA used for Battlefield 3. BioWare has also confirmed that they have been ,"checking [Skyrim] out aggressively. We like it. We€™re big admirers of and the product." Flynn was also not too shy to talk about some of the changes that will come as a direct result of Dragon Age 2's criticisms, such as increased customization, more important choices, and a more intact story line. As of yet, we still don't have much on DA3, but you can be sure that the recent official announcement will only be followed by the release of more and more details in the coming months. For now, all we can do is wait and hope that this 2013 release is the one we have always wanted.
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