Dragon Age II Unlikely To Get Ultimate Edition

"retailers have to be willing to take it. There isn't any retail interest ATM."

With all the furor surrounding Mass Effect 3's ending, EA have come out with some further sombre news regarding their now almost forgotten fantasy RPG, Dragon Age II. When asked on Twitter about whether the game would be getting an Ultimate Edition, the game's executive producer Mark Darrah replied:
'retailers have to be willing to take it. There isn't any retail interest ATM.'
There it is then, it would appear that the game has breathed its last commercial breath. While by no means an awful game, Dragon Age II was heavily criticised upon release for simplifying the intricate gameplay and storyline that made Dragon Age: Origins so popular. The game sold poorly compared to expectations, and was quickly condemned to bargains bins at most major game retailers. On the bright side, rather than waste time flogging this dead horse, Bioware can now look ahead to making the next game bring the series back to its feet.
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