Dragon Ball FighterZ: 8 DLC Characters Fans Demand

This Tournament of Power is about to get a lot more crowded.

Dragon Ball Z Broly Vegeta Scared
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Dragon Ball FighterZ has only just come out, but people have already debating which characters should feature in the game's upcoming DLC. Bandai Namco announced that the FighterZ Pass will add eight fighters to the game's current roster, bringing the grand total to 32 playable characters.

Rumours of potential leaks and reports of datamining the PC port point to figures that are all but confirmed at this point, but... come on, Raditz? Base form Goku? Is that really all we have to look forward to?

Personally, I think Arc System Works and Bandai Namco are a little smarter than that. They've already gone out of their way to appease the fans with the base roster, adding fan favourites like Hit and Goku Black. Yet according to some of the leaks, characters like Zarbon are going to be included in the Pass.

Who in their right mind wants to play as Zarbon?

Besides, there are a few obvious fan favourites that were omitted from the base game that they'd be stupid to pass up.

After all, if there's one thing video game publishers love, it's cold hard cash.

8. Janemba

Dragon Ball Z Broly Vegeta Scared
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Janemba has only appeared once in the Dragon Ball franchise, in the 12th movie "Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn", yet Janemba has still managed to become somewhat of a fan favourite.

Whether or not that makes him popular enough to feature in the DLC is up for debate, but Dragon Ball FighterZ could definitely do with some more villains to bolster to roster. After all, Janemba managed to go toe to toe with Goku and Vegeta's fusion, Gotega. If that doesn't make him a credible threat, even in the age of Ultra Instinct and Gods of Destruction, what will?

The only real problem with including Janemba is that, technically, he's not part of the Dragon Ball Super canon. Only characters that featured in Dragon Ball Kai, opposed to Dragon Ball Z, are canon, which could disqualify him from being included.

But, in a game where Captain Ginyu can beat up Beerus, does canon really matter? The timeline is all over the place in the game, with teenage Gohan able to fight adult Gohan. So who cares? He'd be a neat inclusion, the fans would love him, and Arc System Works could have a lot of fun with his reality breaking powers.


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