Dragon Ball FighterZ: 8 Overpowered Characters That Need Fixing

Those salt shakers are due a refill.

Arc System Works

Dragon Ball FighterZ is certainly fun, but if you thought the ultimate 2D smackdown of Saiyans, androids and genocidal supervillains would be a universe home to any semblance of balance, prepare to be disappointed.

In a perfect world, every thankless games tester the world over would have the gift of foresight with which to maintain the delicate balance of character talent from woefully weak to heinously overpowered, but alas, Fortuneteller Baba's rather selective when it comes to loaning out her crystal ball.

Instead, the numbers are crunched by hand, so to speak, over endless nights of caffeine abuse and frantic note-taking, so it is (and always will be) the case that oversights slip through the cracks. It's par for the course.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is by no means a messy first attempt by Arc to faithfully replicate the power levels of Toriyama's creations, but there is work to be done. As it stands, a portion of its roster holds a monopoly on the fighter's suite of online options, content to let their more balanced brethren sink ever further into obscurity until they're all but forgotten.

If FighterZ's competitive scene is to prosper for the months and years to come, then this clique of all-powerful combatants (looking at you, Goku Black) will need to be knocked down a peg or two.


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