Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3: 8 Top Tier Characters

The more things change, the more they stay the same - at least where Bardock is concerned.

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Arc System Works

Now that Master Roshi has finally been revealed (making us three for three in our season 3 DLC predictions!) and the fighting game community has had enough time to analyse the changes made in the last big balance patch, it is a great time to discuss which characters have secured their place in the top eight.

The last balance patch shook up the meta enough that certain characters once considered low tier have shot up the tier lists. Of course, some characters are impossible to buff (sorry Videl), but the addition of two extra assists for every character has evened out the game tremendously.

It also had the opposite effect in some cases, buffing already top tier characters like Bardock, but for the most part almost every character in the game is now useable in any team. The inclusion of C assists has given literally every character in the game at least one ridiculously overpowered assist, evening the playing field.

Some characters aren't gonna be shooting into top eight any time soon regardless of the new balance patch, like Gogeta and Beerus. Some characters also caught pretty nasty nerfs, but other did catch a few tasty buffs.

For the most part, however, the best of the best are still the best. Kid Buu isn't going anywhere, folks.

8. UI Goku

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Fuji TV

UI Goku has been a menace online ever since he was released back in May. As there haven't been any local tournaments since his inclusion, it's not yet clear exactly how he'd fare in an offline setting but the pro's tier lists have spoken; UI is busted.

He has everything you'd expect from a top tier character. A low 2L, a ridiculous autocombo, insane damage, mix-ups for days, like four different moves that side switch, great zoning capabilities, and lightning-quick grabs. His assists are kinda meh, but that's his only downside.

Then, just for good measure, ArcSys threw in some UI Goku-specific nonsense that only he is capable of pulling off. His wake-up tech is the bane of any online player, capable of catching even the pros off guard when used correctly. Having that extra wake-up option to consider any time you knock UI down is a massive headache, and the fact that he can combo into AND counter into it just makes it extra busted.

A proper offline tournament is needed to establish exactly how much of a threat UI Goku is, but as things are standing he certainly looks like he deserves a spot in the top eight.


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