Dragon Ball Z Budokai: HD Collection Announced

Namco Bandai unveil HD treatments for two of the best loved Dragonball Z titles

Are you a Dragon Ball Z fan? Well today might be a good day for you, because today Namco Bandai have announced something that fans have been asking for for some time: two of the best games in Dragon Ball Z history are getting an HD remake. Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 and 3 are soon to remastered into HD and will release together in a bundle called Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this winter. The original Dragon Ball Z Budokai released in 2002 and kicked started the franchise, and Budokai 3 came out in 2004 and is considered the best of the series - with its intense action, it is still the highest rated Dragon Ball Z title on Metacritic. While this will be an HD remake, online connectivity is expected to the included, and though Namco haven't yet talked about the inclusion, we can probably expect to hear more about on the subject soon. Maybe the most enticing feature of Dragon Ball Z Budokai is the full inclusion of Playstation Network trophies and Xbox Live achievements: and it's almost a guarantee that certain achievement will be named like "Super Saiyan", "Kamehameha" and especially the infamous line ... "OVER NINE THOUSAND." Sadly no release date has yet been given, but the target launch window is this fall. Personally, I am hugely excited to get back to old school Dragon Ball Z and revisit the TV series that I grew up watching. For more info on Dragon Ball Z Budokai, make sure you keep it tuned to WhatCulture. Source: Gamasutra
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