Dynasty Warriors 8: What To Expect

url-3 Since Dynasty Warriors 8 has been announced, I€™ve played every Dynasty Warriors game except for the first one and I have noticed the series needs some improvements that Koei should pick up on. I€™ve been playing Dynasty Warriors 7 since I purchased it earlier this year, and there are a few things I like from the game: The addition of using more animals by your side like a wolf, panda or even a falcon was pretty cool. I like the graphics and some of the character€™s outfit designs. The Musou mode takes a turn on the kingdom€™s story based more than the characters so it gives players more of the storyline that went on in the Han Dynasty. I like that Conquest mode gives you something else to apart from focusing on the story. The addition of Jin is nice. But that€™s it! Dynasty Warriors 3 (and even 5) would satisfy me better. Now here€™s my list of expectations: Go back to how the game was in Dynasty Warriors 4 with the levelling of weapons and in Dynasty Warriors 3 how you have to be a certain rank to ride horses: I feel that in Dynasty Warriors 4, it was a good way to make you train more to get your next weapon. With the ranking of riding horses, I believe it should only apply to rare horses and elephants like Red Hare or Hex Mark for example. BRING BACK BODYGUARDS!: Bodyguards were really helpful in Dynasty Warriors 2, 3 and 4 for when I needed to distract Lu Bu during Hu Lao Gate or any officer chasing me when I needed to get some life so if they were brought back in Dynasty Warriors 8, I€™d be grateful. I WANT Openings back too!: The openings were what I loved to work towards in order to simply create something that I could do back in Dynasty Warriors 3 at the time. That was the only thing that could do before I got Dynasty Warriors 4 or Empires with character customisation or bodyguards. Which brings me to€ Character customisation: It was nice in Dynasty Warriors 4 and I wish they were in some cutscenes if Koei included them (they don€™t have to speak!). Dueling in battle: I strangely liked the duels they had in Dynasty Warriors 4 or the one in Dynasty Warriors 6 when they circled around you (except when you got knocked to the side, the little people on your enemies€™ side would hit you and it would piss me off). Bring back Free Mode and Versus Mode!: Like how am I supposed to get to the new gameplay of each series without free mode? I was really lost in what I do in Dynasty Warriors 7 whether to go to Conquest Mode or Story Mode to practice. Versus Mode was really fun too when you played with someone else. Conquest Mode: It was okay but I don€™t know. I felt like it was a downgraded version of Empires. I€™m still playing it but I feel like there could be more to it like a story for you to feel more interested in the Mode. I don€™t know how though however. Bigger importance to Other Kingdoms like in Dynasty Warriors 5 & 6: There wasn€™t much importance to Other Kingdoms as in the last two game instalment, but I feel like it should be focused on what they do too! I was intrigued with how they would improve their story in Musou Mode. Make levels with more attention to gameplay features e.g. climbing, swimming, siege weapons: There should be more areas that need to be reached only by using these features. The most you would use these features in is Huo Lao Gate and that€™s it. Commanders need to be stronger: In every Dynasty Warriors game except for 6, all the other commanders seem to be stupid enough to run into battle carelessly or they simply have no clue how to fight. Please, just go back to Dynasty Warriors 6 where they were fighting better. GO BACK TO ORIGINAL COSTUMES AND WEAPONS: I preferred any costumers or weapons the characters had originally from Dynasty Warriors 2 €“ 5. And because it stuck with me, I was not happy to go into Dynasty Warriors 6 or 7 with whips, bows and strange swords that did not fit certain characters. Preferred Musou Mode to be a mix of character and kingdom based: I liked the way the direction Dynasty Warriors 7 went with Musou Mode but I still would like to choose which character to use in each battle and there should be more importance on at least every character despite their lack of story in the Han Dynasty. It€™s annoying not playing half of my favourites because they weren€™t so big in China so I have to play the leaders (which I dislike) instead. Let€™s hope Koei makes some improvements on Dynasty Warriors 8. Anyways, what improvements can you think of for the next Dynasty Warriors game?
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