E3 2012: Breaking Down Microsoft's SmartGlass

Microsoft is aiming to solidify the Xbox 360 as the ultimate entertainment experience with new SmartGlass technology. Read all about it inside!

Much talk has been surrounding Nintendo's full reveal of the Wii U, and it's ability to blend a handheld tablet into gameplay and console connectivity. While there is certainly a wide range of capabilities with this new console system from Nintendo, one of the most talked about additions to the gaming community is coming from Microsoft's reveal of SmartGlass. SmartGlass is aiming to make use of the tablet and phone devices you already have by implementing them into a newfound sense of connectivity with your Xbox 360. Basically, downloading an app to your device will effectively create the same functionality of the Wii U tablet, creating an entirely new experience for users of Microsoft's console. It turns your phone or tablet into a second screen for your television, and it's pretty impressive. It allows you to physically navigate the Xbox dashboard with the touch screen functionality of your favorite devices. An even more impressive display of its' power can be seen by how it can be used to create a greater viewing experience for your movies and TV shows. A device connected with SmartGlass, can display information about the particular program you are watching dynamically. The best example is evident as an episode of Game of Thrones played on the huge E3 demo screen. The SmartGlass-enabled tablet displayed a map of Westeros, and the location of the characters. In addition to working within film and television programs, Microsoft has implemented this technology into actual gaming experiences. This will provide peripheral controls for your favorite gaming titles. The best example occurred during Madden, as the player was able to swipe through audibles, picking one dynamically on the SmartGlass-enabled device. Microsoft even announced that these devices will work with navigating the newly integrated, Internet Explorer app, that will be coming in the fall of this year. Pinching your device's screen will shrink the page, while swiping moves the page dynamically on your television screen. SmartGlass will be implemented with technology you already own, and what can be better than that? While there are many more details to be fully revealed such as when it will be officially releasing, and how it gamers will be able to download SmartGlass. It seems safe to say that Microsoft certainly had something up their sleeve for this year's E3 press conference. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on SmartGlass as it becomes available!
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