E3 2012: Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Is Incredibly Impressive

Star Wars 1313 is like the best moments of Uncharted set in space. Well played LucasArts.

LucasArts proved to everyone that they could create an entirely new Star Wars experience when they released their series of Star Wars: Force Unleashed titles. While many were underwhelmed with the core gameplay that the team brought to the title, LucasArts introduced a brand new character and attempted something new by bringing him into a much beloved franchise. Now, LucasArts has revealed their brand new addition to the Star Wars universe, and this one looks like it could be a great reason for Star Wars fans and gamers everywhere to get excited. The gameplay demo unleashes footage of an incredible leap forward for graphics capabilities in video games. Star Wars 1313 follows an all new bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe. It feels as if 1313 is essentially Uncharted in space, and I have to say that it looks completely insane. LucasArts has much more to reveal about the title that will surely be making its way to the top of many gamers most wanted lists. With no anticipated release date we can probably be expecting this one late next year. Star Wars 1313 will be telling an entirely new, action packed story, with gameplay that is enough to have you dying with anticipation. Be prepard to wipe the drool from your mouth, and enjoy the first gameplay footage of Star Wars 1313. http://youtu.be/bSQipJCltFo
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