E3 2015: 20 Jaw-Dropping Game Reveals You Need To Know About

Dreams literally came true this year.

Another year's past and another string of high-profile press conferences have finished; the resultant fanboy-pleasing aftermath being one for the ages in 2015. Not only were their some phenomenal takeaways like a Final Fantasy VII remake (!), The Last Guardian emerging after six long years of cancellations and the legendary Shenmue finally getting another instalment - but the many third party developers in attendance provided a string of new IPs that are sure to fuel the future of the industry. It's about time too, as you've probably noticed the trend of publishers throwing copious amounts of cash at their older franchises for the sake of a remaster or 'Definitive Edition' - the hope being to tide people over until the big guns are ready. Thankfully, E3 2015 finally got a look at what such digital fanboy-pleasing firepower looks like, and alongside some returning heavyweights people have been clamouring to see more of for months, Sony and Microsoft debuted a huge number of original ideas and concepts across the board. Note: For the sake of this article the focus will be on the games nobody saw coming, or that saw a substantial game demo wow everyone in attendance - as oppose to the likes of Uncharted 4, Halo or Tomb Raider essentially being more of the same.
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