E3 2016: 22 Jaw-Dropping Video Game Reveals You Need To Know About

Rocksteady returning to Arkham, Resident Evil 7, Spider-Man... this year was FANTASTIC.

e3 2016
Sony/Activision/Kojima Productions

E3 2016 may have been dogged by leaks and hearsay beforehand, but nothing beats actually seeing them in action, especially when the announcements are on the level of what you're about to read.

Seriously, between both Microsoft and Sony, you could tell the former had to reclaim some substantial footing after trailing behind this generation, just as Sony are riding comfortably in front, but still made monumental waves - it is E3, after all.

Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Bethesda, PC and even EA - all brought their A-game, capitalising on the whole 'eyes of the world' aspect of the show, and positively dominating mainstream media exposure in the process.


Sound off in the comments what your favourite moments and reveals were, as amongst many others, mine was this very first one...

22. Spider-Man's Exclusive PS4 Game

Spider man ps4

Nope, it doesn't even have a title - most likely because then you're forced to refer to it as 'that PlayStation Spider-Man game'. Talk about your brand association. It always did seem a little bit too convenient that Sony 'surrendered' Spidey to Marvel's Civil War rather willingly, as now you've got to ask yourself:


Was part of their deal retaining him for an exclusive video game?

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