E3 2018: 10 Heavily Rumoured Video Games We Want To See

Which huge rumours can we expect to see come true at E3 2018?

Rockstar Games

E3 2018 will soon be upon us, and with that comes a whole bunch of new rumours teasing upcoming titles that could debut at the conference.

Offering a huge opportunity for developers to feature their games on the industry's biggest stage, setting up a mass audience for surprises and jaw-dropping announcements is a fine art. Whilst it can suck for those reveals to be ruined by rumours prior to E3, it also helps build up hype and excitement all round. "Hype culture" can be a dangerous thing, and has tanked many more games than its benefitted, but undoubtedly fuels these conferences for many months before and after.

Some of the following rumours have been built up by industry insiders getting information about games secretly in development, whilst others come from hopeful fans predicting what developers are currently working on. The months before E3 are always when these rumours reach absolute boiling point, and that's where we come in.

Trying to choose the games most likely to appear at E3 is always a massive gamble, but speculation has always been a big part of the fun.

All aboard the hype train.

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