E3 2018: 10 "Problems" People Are Overreacting About

E3 is a celebration. Think positive.

Warner Bros./Bethesda

E3 is a time of magic, excitement and... massive amounts of angry people on the internet complaining about things that don't need to be complained about.

The reason why there are so many grievances comes from gamers really expecting a lot out of the annual press event. There have been a lot of E3s that delivered on our wildest hopes and dreams, so there tends to be a lot of hyped up assumptions that often can't be met.

With publishers getting so much time to prepare their conferences, gamers tend to be a little critical of them if they waste time, announce a dud title or just not show one of their upcoming titles.

But should we really be complaining so much about E3? True, sometimes voicing an issue can result in it being fixed, but a lot of the things being complained about feel like nitpicking, or just expecting way too much.

Some things about E3 can't be argued (Square Enix's 'conference' was a waste of time), but there are some 'issues' that people are taking just a little bit too seriously. Let's establish some perspective, and try and think more positively next time.

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