E3 2018: 12 Showcased Video Games We Still Know Nothing About

So Death Stranding is... A Thing.


E3 is always an exciting time of year - just back to back showcases of genuinely stunning games. And whilst a lot of people find the event frustrating, the fact that there are so many games announced, teased and profiled is enough to look past any flaws the show may have otherwise.

However, as a result of companies pushing the mantra of 'more is better', we often get a bunch of games that are shown off with flashy trailers, and little to back them up. We get big bombastic sizzle reels; pre-rendered trailers, but more often than not, that is all we get.

In reality, Sony was the only major conference that adequately displayed the majority of their games with in-depth gameplay making up the bulk of the conference. That didn't stop them from committing aforementioned annoyance of pre-rendered trailers, but they did better than others (minus Nintendo's protracted Smash Bros. segment, anyway).

So, whilst the internet is exploding with analyses of the various big showcases, let's take some time to look at the games that got their big flashy moments in the sun... only to leave us with more questions than answers.


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