E3 2018: Every Conference Ranked Worst To Best

Who came out on top?

Spider Man Insomniac

E3's annual parade of conferences is over for another year, and it's safe to say that 2018's series of shows were a little on the soft side as the current generation of gaming begins to wind down.

Expectations were high regardless - as they always are - yet sadly not a single of the Big Three really delivered the home-run show fans were hoping for.

Much like last year's E3, the more low-key nature of the reveals and announcements paled in comparison to previous E3s of this generation, presumably as the likes of Microsoft and Sony start holding back content to be revealed once the PS5 and new Xbox consoles have actually been announced.

Ultimately, most of the E3 surprises this year were negative omissions of expected titles rather than megaton shockers, and while next year's E3 should be a little more exciting - fingers crossed - 2018's was generally a safer and less interesting effort than most were desiring...

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