E3 2018: Microsoft Unveil Halo: Infinite And Gears Of War 5

Xbox fans now have THREE new Gears games to look forward to.

Gears 5

With over 50 games shown, 18 world premieres and 15 console exclusives, Microsoft came out swinging at E3 this year. Opting to take a page out of Sony's book and focus on trailer after trailer rather than extensive speeches or awkward demos, the company opened and essentially closed the conference with their two biggest franchises: Halo and Gears of War.

The former kicked things off proper, opening the show with 343 Studios' next instalment in the FPS franchise, Halo: Infinite. With only a reveal trailer promising that the release will chronicle Master Chief's battle to save the Earth, questions have sprung up as to where the game fits within the wider series. Without any official announcement that this is indeed Halo 6, and therefore the final instalment in the developer's new Reclaimer Saga, this new project could in fact be a spinoff rather than a true sequel.


While they played things close to their chest with that franchise though, Microsoft were surprisingly open about where they're taking Gears of War in the future. First up they revealed a Funko Pop-inspired mobile game - which could be the rumoured battle royale title hinted at a few weeks ago - as well as the Halo Wars-esque strategy game, Gears Tactics.

Rounding out the trio of new titles, though, was Gears 5. Picking up where the fourth game ended, the sequel received an extensive reveal at the end of the conference, establishing the new playable protagonist, Kait Diaz, while showing off J.D. Fenix's new look and highlighting expanded melee combat features. Unlike Halo: Infinite, Microsoft were confident enough to tease a release date, even if it was only a vague "2019" window.


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