E3 Day1 Timetable Revealed

e3 E3, the world€™s biggest video-game event, is now just a little over one-week away. We can expect news about the PS4, Xbox One, and the elusive Steam Box, along with more information about anticipated upcoming titles like Arkham Origins and The Evil Within. They€™ll also be a lot of reveals for brand-new games, including Microsoft€™s promised eight new IPs, so this really is the time for gamers to get pants wettingly excited. WhatCulture.com will be posting articles about major stories as they break, so make sure to keep an eye on the game news section of our website for in-depth analysis of everything that happens. Until then, here€™s a rundown of some of the key presentations from day one that you might want to prepare for (all times are PDT): June 10th: Microsoft €“ 9am New Xbox One details revealed alongside a rumoured 15 new games. Expect Halo... EA €“ 1pm Battlefield 4 and Fifa 14 will be covered, while developers DICE and BioWare are also taking the stage. Here€™s hoping for a new Mass Effect title. Ubisoft €“ 3pm Watchdogs, AC4: Black Flag, Rayman Legends, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist will all be covered. It€™s a big year for Ubisoft, but we have already seen a lot of these titles so there may not be that much new information shown during the conference. Sony €“ 6pm Here the PS4 will be shown for the first time, alongside new details about all the games shown during their February conference, such as Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Infamous: Second Sons. Nintendo was set to have their conference on the same day, but the company has now decided not to make an appearance at this year€™s E3. Other big presentations to look out for are those by: Valve, who will likely show details about their upcoming Steam Box, the dark horse of the upcoming console generation; Bethesda, who will show details about their online Elder Scrolls game, Wolfenstein, and, hopefully, a new Fallout or The Evil Within; and Warner Bros. IE, who€™ll be showing gameplay footage from Arkham Origins (possibly including some shots of the new multiplayer mode). However, these presentations are yet to have been given confirmed dates/times. Follow me on Twitter (ID in biog below) to receive all E3 news instantly and be updated as to when relevant articles are put online. Are you excited about E3? What do you hope will be revealed? Share in the comments below.
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