EA’s Scrapped Dead Space 3 Would Have Been AMAZING

RIP Visceral Games.

Dead Space 3

EA doesn't have a great track record with threequels. At the start of the decade, it seemed as though every third entry in once promising series were completely crashing and burning, and one that still stings today is Visceral Games' Dead Space 3.

While not garnering the same fan backlash as Mass Effect 3, this final hurrah for EA's innovative survival-horror franchise came out to lukewarm reviews and weak sales, with many fans and critics agreeing that the third title had strayed too far away from what made the original two instalments so electrifying. It wasn't bad, but something somewhere had gone wrong, and series had lost its identity.

However, what Dead Space 3 ended up being was not the game the creators initially intended to create. Thanks to a great, candid and wide-ranging Eurogamer interview with the creative director on the project, Ben Wanat, as well as a bunch of other tidbits revealed in the years since launch, it's clear this troubled threequel was another casualty of the classic war between a developer's desire to do something creative, and a publisher's need to make as much money as possible.

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