EA Set To KEEP And "Double Down" On Star Wars Through Next-Gen

The publisher isn't giving up the license anytime soon.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Cal

Despite their initial deal only lasting through 2023, it looks as though EA isn't planning on giving up the Star Wars license anytime soon. Speaking during a "fireside chat" (via IGN), CEO Andrew Wilson discussed the company's plans for the future, and how the galaxy far, far away fits into them.

In general, the executive praised the company's relationship with Disney and Lucasfilm, and how it's proven lucrative for both companies. EA has seen a bunch of successful titles set in the franchise released over the past seven years, with the two Battlefront games selling a combined total of 35 million copies and Jedi: Fallen Order shifting over 10.

With this success in mind, and the upcoming launch of Star Wars: Squadrons, Wilson confirmed that the publisher will be "doubling down" on the brand in years to come, in the hopes of creating more successful, diverse Star Wars games.


It took them a long time to get there (and many cancelled projects and scandals in the along the way), but EA has admittedly seemingly made an effort to right the SW ship recently. Fallen Order embracing single-player was a major shift in direction, while Squadrons shows that experimentation and flexibility isn't entirely out the window.

Let's hope it's these games that set the precedent going forward, and not the launches of Battlefront 1 and 2.


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