Elden Ring Gameplay LEAK: 6 New Details You Need To Know

Stealth, a day/night cycle and... jumping?!

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Elden Ring has went from no news since its 2019 E3 reveal, to recent speculation on its cancellation, rumours of a new trailer coming soon, and now a leaked internal trailer making the rounds on social media.

It's been a bumpy ride for fans of FromSoftware games, who in the 21 month interim between Elden Ring's reveal and the recent leak, have coped by turning their subreddit into inventive memes.

With the gameplay leak, fans are of course overjoyed to finally have something to talk about, but a lot of the discourse surrounding the gameplay has centred on its similarities to the Dark Souls series.

This might have a lot of people scratching their heads, as duh, it’s a fantasy game developed by FromSoftware, of course it looks like Dark/Demon Souls, but even in this small tease of what Elden Ring has in store, we can already see big changes to the traditional Souls format.

We already know that the game will be more open world, and have horseback travel and combat, but the leak has provided more tweaks to the Soulsborne genre, and a welcome return to features found in other FromSoftware games.

6. Stealth Elements

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the only Soulsborne game developed by FromSoftware that has included stealth gameplay elements so far, and it looks as if Elden Ring is keeping this mechanic as a combat option.

In one of the leaked videos, a crouching playable character can be seen sneaking around a camp and approaching and killing an enemy from behind.

Anyone denouncing Elden Ring as "just Dark Souls 4", can't deny that adding stealth to the traditional Souls gameplay is a major shake-up. It has the potential to completely change how players approach combat, outside of boss battles.

It could pave the way for new classes focusing on stealth combat, or just turn out to be a minor inclusion helpful in taking out only a small number of enemy types, but either way it signals FromSoftware's willingness to continue evolving its combat options in Elden Ring.

Speaking of combat options...

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