The Elder Scrolls VI: 10 Ways To Blow Skyrim Out Of The Water

In other words, the biggest task Bethesda have ever faced...

Considering the four year gap between The Elder Scrolls III and IV and the five year dev-cycle for 2011's Skyrim, we can only hope that Bethesda Game Studios is halfway done with The Elder Scrolls VI. No proper announcements have been made, but the errant logic of a progressive release pattern is all we have at this point. Zenimax has had a job listing for a bleeding edge RPG programmer at Bethesda Game Studios since January 2013, but that could mean anything. Skyrim improved on Bethesda€™s famous RPG formula in just about every categorical way. The versatility and verticality of vast, mountainous vistas was a stark departure from Oblivion€™s relatively modest expanses. Dragons were a welcome respite from those damned Oblivion Gates. Combat was well-rounded with the addition of Shouts and an upgrade system that levelled up the skills you actually used - as you used them. The PC modding community managed to carry out a laundry list of upgrades that teased the potential future of Elder Scrolls visual fidelity. Flora has been made fuller and livelier, while Fauna have received tremendous resolution enhancements. Extra realistic skyboxes, impressive lighting techniques and granular, geographical details have been hand-crafted and publicly uploaded by hundreds of passionate gamers. We have faith Bethesda can do better. New consoles mean improved technical standards across the board, so, until we get that first glorious glimpse of current-gen Tamriel, passion and imagination are all we have to speculate on what's next. Sharper textures are one thing, but The Elder Scrolls VI will need a bigger sword than that if it hopes to knock us off our feet. For starters, they need to follow this simple ten point guide...

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