Enter The Survival Horror - Can You Name These Resident Evil Monsters?

Can you recall who's who (or what's what) in Resident Evil's menacing menagerie?

resident evil 8 lady dimitrescu

With Resident Evil Village out this week, anticipation for Capcom's seminal survivor horror series is at a peak. And while the release of a new numbered Resident Evil game is a reason enough for excitement, fans have been getting particularly hot under the collar (and other items of clothing) for the game's most high-profile antagonist.

Lady Dimitrescu, a 9'6'' femme fatale with a penchant for wide-brimmed hats and combat-ready manicures, has proven to be yet another winner for the twisted geniuses at Capcom. The best Resident Evil games always have at least one iconic monster design (think RE4's ogrish El Gigante, or the trenchcoat-clad Mr. X from the recent RE2 remake), and the beguiling-yet-terrifying Lady Dimitrescu is a good sign that Village will be one of the better RE games.

Of course, not every monster in Resident Evil's 25-year history has proven to be as iconic as the aforementioned titans of terror. Which is where you come in dear reader!

This quiz has listed fifteen monsters from gaming's greatest survival horror series (sorry, Silent Hill fans), and it's up to you to match names to faces/giant eyeballs. Good luck!

Monster #1


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