Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion - New Screenshots Emerge

New screenshots emerge for Disney's 3DS Epic Mickey follow-up...

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for the 3DS has had some screenshots released recently. While these screenshots don't exactly give away much, what they do give away is certainly intruiging... As you may see from the above screenshot, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion seems to be taking its cues from the classic Mickey game Castle of Illusion. If the aesthetic choice chosen for this title isn't enough to convince you of that, a recent Disney press release confirms it. It claims that the game will take place inside the Castle of Illusion and will even feature the evil witch Mizrabel as it's main antagonist. However, as you may also guess from the screenshots, this game isn't just a nostalgic throwback, it is supposedly going to utilise the 3DS' touch screen to fully utilise the game's paintbrush mechanic. Anyone who has played the original game - or even a completely unrelated game by the name of Okami, which has a similar mechanic - will know that you can use Mickey's paintbrush to draw and materialise objects into the world. As I mentioned above, players can use the touch screen in order to do this, which I like the sound of quite a lot. I always like to see a developer fully utilising things such as this on the DS, 3DS and even the Wii. It is always better to see it being worked into the core mechanics of the gameplay and using the console's strength - a touch screen, in this case - to improve the immersion of the game and incoporate it properly into the game rather than just being tacked on. Regardless of all that, just like it's console counterpart Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, this title is set for release in the fall.
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