Every December 2019 Video Game - Ranked By Anticipation

Can Master Chief and co. warm up this cold month of game releases?


Now that the relentless madness of video game releases flooding out in the Fall Season has subsided, we can finally catch our breath.

December tends to be the quieter end of the scale when it comes to the gaming calendar, this is also currently echoed by the gaming industry's current status. Triple-A game development cycles have begun winding down as studios plan their big guns to fire off with the upcoming next-gen consoles.

Regardless, our month of Christmas still holds some gifts for us gamers in this winter month. Some long-awaited ports head to PC, some incredible indie titles come out swinging, and several niche genres get exciting spiritual successors.

Its been a big year with big games kicking in the door on a monthly basis, as things wind down, we get a chance to sift through a decidedly smaller list, yet it is one that is filled with high-quality titles from its last entry to its first.


17. DCL: The Game

Release Date: Dec 2nd

Platforms: PC

If a Sim set around racing drones is your bag of chips, then this upcoming title will certainly keep you satisfied. For the average gamer though, this will likely not be a blip on your radar.

Regardless of the small niche crowd, the product looks solid enough to provide enough thrills and strategy for those looking drone flying action.

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