Every Harry Potter Video Game Ranked Worst To Best

PS1 Hagrid still gives us all nightmares...

Traveller's Tales

Where there is a successful film franchise at the box office, there is always a company out there more than willing to milk it dry in whatever way they can.

At least, that is what has been the case with the world of Harry Potter. One of the most heavily praised and popular franchises ever seen on the big screen, JK Rowling's stories have helped create a vibrant world filled with diverse characters, magical locations, and incantations that everyone would love to be able to pick up and use.

And as these worlds, these characters, and those spells became more and more popular, so too did the various video games developers such as EA began pushing out on the eve of every film in the series being released.

From reasonably challenging puzzle-based adventures Hogwarts, gimmick-heavy simulators with a Harry Potter scar slashed across it, to an all-out third person shooter, these developers have certainly done the rounds in trying to find the best way of bringing the world of magic and wizards to life, as well as the best ways of cashing in on this ever-popular franchise.

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