Every Iconic Bethesda Game Ranked From Worst To Best

An argument for the ages: The Elder Scrolls or Fallout?

Skyrim Fallout

Even though they burst onto the scene way back in the early 1990s, Bethesda Softworks have only gone from strength to strength as the years have worn on. Growing to prominence as the house that The Elder Scrolls built, the iconic development studio has since picked up a myriad of exciting properties, begun developing new original games and become one of the best publishers working in the industry.

Still, while the Bethesda of today is known just as much as the company who saved classic franchises like Doom and Wolfenstein and continue to pioneer new IP, as a developer their core focus remains centred on creating epic, freeform RPGs.

Likewise, although their approach to gameplay and character customisation may have changed as trends came and went, the entrenched philosophies of the studio, based all around giving players the most diverse, dense and unique worlds to be let loose in, remains the same.

This core approach has cemented every single release the team have put out in their long history as a classic, but with over twenty years of stellar titles and two world-changing franchises to choose from, only one game deserves to come out on top...

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