Every January 2020 Video Game - Ranked By Anticipation

What does the first month of this new decade have in store?

Namco Bandai

Now that 2019 has come to a close, plus the Christmas season has passed by (aka the video game release graveyard), so we can finally dust off our consoles and get ready for a new decade of gaming.

It's a new start in more ways than a new year as well. 2020 will literally signify the start of a new gaming generation as Microsoft and Sony both have slated their new consoles to drop mid-point of this year.

This current gaming generation has seen a new trend of massive games releasing all year round, yet due to both big publishers both toiling away on their new machines, they are instead saving their big gun announcements for this year’s E3. January is relatively quiet compared to the last few years opening slates.

Quiet does not spell boring, however, as it gives a chance for smaller games to stand out and get their due, plus a few big franchises entries will dropping on unsuspecting gamers too.

So let’s have a quick gander at what’s in store for the opening month of 2020…


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