Every LEGO Video Game Ranked From Worst To Best

Batman + Gandalf = win.

Lego Dimensions
Traveller's Tales

There are few video game franchises as lucrative as Lego, and over the last 15 years, they've built up an immense library of titles based on existing properties, such as Batman, Harry Potter, Marvel, Indiana Jones and so many more.

The releases are so common, however, that it can be a bit exhausting trying to sift through and separate the best from the worst. While, in fact, few of Lego's licensed releases are actually genuinely bad, some are certainly composed with more love and care than others.

Some franchises haven't really made much of a dent with fans, while others will probably keep players entertained with new installments until the end of time.

Considering each separate Lego property as a whole, here is every LEGO video game ranked from worst to best...

11. Pirates Of The Caribbean

Lego Dimensions
Traveller's Tales

Lego have only made one Lego Pirates of the Caribbean game to date, released back in 2011 to coincide with the release of the fourth movie, On Stranger Tides, and while it does absolutely nothing to enrich the well-trod Lego video game formula, it's still a solid enough romp for fans.

Though the game admirably covers all four of the movies, story-wise it feels quite light compared to other Lego games, and some of the platforming is more irritating than fun.

Still, there's a lot of content here and the set-pieces are entertaining, largely compensating for the overt familiarity it invites. Don't be surprised if another POTC game shows up in time for the new movie, too.

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