Every Lucasarts Adventure Game: Ranked Worst To Best

14. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

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As a stepping stone between Maniac Mansion and its brilliant sequel Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, The Last Crusade is an interesting curio. As an adventure game in its own right, it's often an exercise in outmoded frustration.

Though the game made significant strides in cleaning up the clutter of the evolving SCUMM system eventually leading to its perfection in The Secret of Monkey Island, in almost every other area it's an archaic adventure. As with precursor Zak McKracken, mazes are prominent, as are interminable games of 'hunt the pixel'.

These might be forgivable, but the action sequences are not, especially for fans of the genre. The game predates Lucasarts' 'no death' policy, and boy does it show. Countless instant kills at the fists of Indy's belligerent Third Reich pursuers are enough to make even the most ardent pro-fascist hate the Nazis, and whilst the game does break innovative ground by allowing some fights to be bypassed with cunning dialogue selections, it's generally hit before wit.

Committing every cardinal sin of the adventure game bible makes Last Crusade difficult to revisit today. Those picking this over Fate of Atlantis chose poorly.

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