Every Mass Effect 2 Loyalty Mission - Ranked

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The Mass Effect 2 loyalty missions are arguably the best side missions in gaming history. These weren't simple fetch quests, or even a case of doing enough nice things for a character so they'd like you. Each and every one of these quests dove into the soul of your squadmates, developing their story, revealing their motivations.

Even the ones featured at the lower end are be some of the best gameplay experiences in modern RPGs. Mass Effect 2 remains the jewel of Bioware's crown, and is a genuine contender for the best game of the Xbox 360/PS3 era.

But which of them are the best? Which are the crem de la crem de la crem?

For this list, we're taking into account gameplay (obviously), but also the story, the effect on Mass Effect lore and the impact it had on the character overall.

Note: Liara's Lair of the Shadow Broker is excellent, but as she's not a permanent squadmate, I'm not counting it.


12. Zaeed - The Price Of Revenge


Mirthless, merciless mercenary Zaeed Massani is kicking us off at number 12. Zaeed was a DLC character, available via a free code if you bought the game new. However, with used games being a booming market (and there being some issues with porting the DLC to Xbox One), some players missed out on this mission, which has to count against it in the rankings.

In truth though, there's more than that counting against The Price Of Revenge. While some missions on this list have enough heart and soul that an entire game could have been built around them, Zaeed's is a by the numbers revenge outing. There's nothing especially wrong with the gameplay, with some sections featuring some great run and gun fun.

Still, it's hardly inspiring. Or particularly indicative of the quality of missions still to explore. For most fans, this was a mission they'd put off on their second playthrough, or perhaps rush through first to get to the good stuff later.

The final scene where Zaeed tosses his burning used clip into a gasoline puddle to create an explosion is cool enough to fit a John Carpenter movie though, so at least there's that.

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