Every PS5 & Xbox Series X Video Game We KNOW Is Coming

Who needs speculation?

343 Industries

For the last couple of years, gamers and journalists have been aware that next-generation machines were being secretly built by both Microsoft and Sony. By 2019's end it has all been confirmed, with official launch dates of 2020 and names revealed as Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, respectively.

The odd thing though, is how all of this information has been handled.

It seems the much-hyped console reveal conference is a thing of the past, as both companies have let the cat out of the bag in as random a manner as possible. Microsoft announced at E3 2019 that they were making a new system, then dropped a tech-heavy talking heads video, finishing up with a look at the unit at The Game Awards. Sony was even more barebones, showcasing its tech for the PS5 via an ultra-casual magazine interview with Mark Cerny.

With the current climate lacking razor-sharp clarifications of what will release for this generation versus the next, it's worth sifting through all available information to create a concrete list on what is officially coming.

Currently, there are plenty of surefire assumptions on what will release for next-generation machines (e.g. Horizon Zero Dawn 2), but we're going to focus on titles that have been officially revealed and confirmed for next-generation machines.


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