Every Resident Evil 7 Character Ranked From Worst To Best

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Resident Evil 7 landed amid much hype, largely delivering on its promises of reinventing the iconic survival horror franchise after a long period of creative stagnation.

The game succeeds largely thanks to a more pared down take on the genre, far away from the action-heavy, boulder-punching shenanigans of more recent franchise entries, and of course, the brilliantly terrifying addition of VR sure doesn't hurt things either.

Resident Evil has always been a series with memorable characters, and the latest game is no exception, presenting some particularly fascinating antagonists for the player to flee from (and sometimes, defeat).

Though not every character in the game is a total hit and some certainly leave fans begging for more (in ways both good and bad), the game's collection of weird and wonderful faces has done nothing if not got fans talking.

From the protagonist himself to that puzzling final boss, here is every major Resident Evil 7 character ranked from worst to best...

9. Mia Winters


Mia begins the game as a damsel in distress of sorts, but before long her infection manifests and she unleashes a vicious assault on Ethan.

Her sometimes whiny dialogue and mediocre voice actring can get a little irritating on occasion, but at least Mia has some agency of her own (as shown on the ship's VHS tape), even if you might only reluctantly rescue her when you have to decide who to cure.

She's certainly not an outright bad character, just a fairly flavourless one, which is all the more disappointing as she's the female lead. It probably doesn't help that we take control of Mia during the game's most boring segment, the ship.


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