Everything PS5 Does BETTER Than Xbox Series X

Every reason to go with PlayStation this generation.


After one hell of a generation featuring meteoric technological breakthroughs and catastrophic letdowns, the gaming industry slowly shifts into resetting the clock all over again.

New hardware, new exclusives, new reasons to invest in a given party's technology, as many of the coding lessons your favourite developers started to perfect in the last few years get folded into a new hardware cycle.

At least, that's partly what will happen.

Fascinatingly, the ninth generation switchover is markedly different to anything that came before, with Microsoft in particular focusing on load times, backwards compatibility and access to almost 20 year's worth of games for a monthly fee.

Where they're moving away almost entirely from exclusives, Sony are business as usual. The PS5 looks remarkably different to the last three 'squared-off' systems, and comes with various features and innovations that won't be retroactively applied to the PS4.

Going forward, Sony and Microsoft are satisfying two very different needs: A love of progress and medium advancement, versus loving what went before and the idea of improving upon it.

We'll have an Xbox version of this list live very soon, but for now, it's easy to point out what the PS5 does better than Xbox Series S/X.

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