Everything Xbox Series X Does BETTER Than PS5

Every reason to go with Xbox this generation.


In a fascinating turn of events - considering how bizarrely Xbox's current generation played out - going into the ninth cycle of consoles, Sony and Microsoft are playing VERY different games.

You can read up on every major advantage the PS5 has over Xbox Series S/X over here, but the counter-point is equally worth discussing. Because like it or not, Microsoft aren't bothered about competing in the console space in the same way anymore.

Where Nintendo and Sony put stock in exclusives and platform-specific content for third-parties, Microsoft are all-in on "What's best for gaming overall?"

Subscription models, monthly instalment plans to afford the systems themselves, auto-enhancements for multiple past generations of titles. It means zero platform exclusives at launch, no next-gen exclusives until at least 2022, and a business plan built around turning Xbox into a service playable anywhere, rather than just another console.

Honestly, it blows the whole "competition" angle wide open, and though 80% of all pre-orders seem to be siding with Sony, Microsoft are playing the long game with some incredibly calculated moves.


Note: Again, we have the counterpoint to this article right here.

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