Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Six Siege: Shifting Tides DLC

A brief outline for what you need to know for Rainbow Six Siege DLC, Shifting Tides.


The Rainbow Six Siege DLC, Shifting Tides, is scheduled to be released today, 2nd December, 2019. In this DLC, we are introduced to two new operators Kali and Wamai as well as various improvements to the game.

Kali is a two speed and two armor operator from India, her primary weapon is the new bolt-action sniper rifle, CSRX 300, which has enough power to down or even kill an enemy that has full health in a single shot. The CSRX 300 also has a special under barrel, similar to Bucks Skeleton Key, the only difference here is that Kali’s under-barrel is much more explosive. Kali fires LV Explosive Lances which easily destroys walls and defender gadgets. The explosive does not go through reinforced walls. The scope on the CSRX 300 can be adjusted to 5x or 12x which allows her to easily pick off her targets at any distance. Her secondary weapon is the C75 Auto.

Wamai is a two speed and two armor operator from Kenya, his gadget is the Mag-NET System and, like the name suggests, it pulls any nearby projectiles to it causing it to detonate away from friendly players. His primary weapons are the Aug A2 and MP5K. His secondary weapons are the Keratos.357 and the P12.


A new rappel feature that allows the player to manually exit the rappel position has been added to the game. This feature was added due to many players getting frustrated whenever they would automatically exit the rappel position when getting too close to the ground or the roof.

The DLC will also include the long-awaited servers for South African Rainbow Six Siege players. The Rainbow Six Siege player base in South Africa is already quite large, and is growing tremendously as more South African players are joining the game daily. South African players put in many hours into the game and are already participating in Rainbow Six Siege tournaments despite not having dedicated servers for the past four years since the launch of the game in December of 2015. This news has brought great excitement to all players in South Africa, as they no longer have to play on a ping of 200+.


A major change being brought to the game is the reworked bullet penetration system, where bullets can now go through multiple enemies if you line them up correctly. This could also potentially be extremely game changing, as teammates will try to not be too close to each other. This means that Kali’s CSRX 300 can be extremely dangerous if enemy players line up with each other.

Caveira is getting a buff where her M-12 will now do more damage because she usually roams alone to hunt for and interrogate enemies, so she will need to defend herself properly.


There is no new map being released with the DLC, instead, we are getting a rework of the already existing “Theme Park” map that was released in the Blood Orchid DLC in August 2017.

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