Fable 4 Officially Announced: 10 Things To Return The Series To Greatness

The biggest open secret in gaming is officially on its way.

Fable 4

The next game in the beloved but shaky Fable game series has been an open secret for many years, with devs old and new tweeting publicly about its existence at Playground Games. So for many people tuned in to the development of this game, the appearance of the company's name in the short trailer at the end of the Xbox Games Showcase was the telltale sign that we were finally getting the game rather than the very recognisable guild seal imprinted on the sword in the forest.

Fable was famous back in 2004 for over-promising what a highly dynamic RPG could be. But now, after two sequels that largely failed to impress and nothing but white noise in the franchise for ten years, the new game is finally on the horizon... and the possibilities are actually endless.

With RPGs continuing to surprise with the sheer scope of their branching paths, beautiful open world maps and fully customisable characters, a new Fable game could be a thing of beauty. And with this game being in "secret" development for many years now, it's fair to say some sweet time has been sunk into it. There are many ways to make sure this new entry saves the franchise from its ever dimming level of fame and doesn't become simply another disappointing Fable sequel.

10. Bring Back The Heroes

Fable 4
Microsoft Game Studios

The original Fable (and its re-release as The Lost Chapters) is considered the best game in the series by a country mile, and it’s no doubt down to its engaging premise and setting in the Guild of Heroes. Unfortunately, the enormous time jump between Fable and Fable 2 meant the Guild had been destroyed and heroes were essentially extinct.

But what made Fable such a promising concept was the Guild itself. Being nurtured from childhood by the teachers at the Guild and growing as a warrior; interacting with other heroes from both the past and present; taking quest cards to prove your worth (or prove your villainy if you so wished).

Such a charming idea was what made the game special, and it’s completely missing from later instalments. The guild itself doesn’t have to be brought back exactly as we remember it, but some return to the idea of heroes in training rather than just an underdog who rises as a hero because of “fate” would be a great return to what made the game a classic.

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