Fable: The Journey Gets Official Box Art Reveal

Lionhead reveal box art for their final project with Peter Molyneux

The upcoming release of Lionhead's Xbox Kinect exclusive Fable: The Journey has been somewhat overshadowed by the shock news that gaming icon and serial fibber Peter Molyneux has packed his bags and left the studio. To make matters worse, the motion control orientated spin-off has had a hard time convincing many gamers and critics, with some bemoaning an apparent betrayal of the core gameplay of the franchise. Despite the difficulties that they've faced along the way, Lionhead gallantly charge on and have now revealed the official box art for Fable: The Journey (scroll down to take a gander). Placing a particular emphasis on the magical powers of which you can wield with both hands, there's also something of a Prince of Persia vibe to the box art which happily indulges itself in the purple hues of Kinect. "Maybe this isn€™t the biggest news for all our fans out there, but it is a big moment for the development team" says Lionhead, who are also quick to silence the motion control naysayers. "If you own a Kinect €“ or are planning on buying one in the near future €“ and you are a serious gamer who doesn€™t want to jump around their living room, then this is the game to look out for". As Molyneux's final project with Lionhead, we hope that Fable: The Journey will be a fitting swansong to a partnership that has given us such classic games as Black & White, The Movies and of course, Fable itself. Fable: The Journey is released on the 4th of September.
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