Fable Xbox Series SX: 10 Things It Can Learn From Yakuza

9. Add Plenty Of Time-Sinks

Fable yakuza

One of the core focuses of the Fable series was that you're not just fighting monsters and saving the world; you're a person who lives in that world.

You could go and have a beer and gamble, because it was fun to do so. You could have a relationship and (after many romantic moments of broken wind) eventually marry. You can have children and bring them toys home from your adventures.

In this way, Fable and Yakuza are very much brothers in arms. Kamurocho and the other cities in Yakuza are set up with many different things for Kiryu and his fellow protagonists to do when they're not in the middle of serious business, and it's here that much of the fun of the games is to be found.

Dozens of hours can be spent playing arcade games, mastering karaoke, fighting in the colosseum, chatting up hostesses, making friends at a bar, web chatting, playing pool, or countless other activities.

The rebooted Albion needs to be similarly filled with things to do in between crawling through dungeons and farting on your spouse. And as Yakuza often shows, a well-designed minigame can easily become an obsession.

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